• Expedition Technology

Expedition Technology (EXP) sought a design solution that offered more open space, design flexibility, and a modern aesthetic reflective of their highly innovative brand.

Expedition Technology

Herndon, VA

Interior Architects

General Contractor
Bognet Construction

Design Glazing Concepts

“With Holoform, we could create a space that we love. We have more room to collaborate, abundant natural light, and the flexibility to grow. And the expedited installation was professional, reliable and critical to the project’s success.”
– Marc Harlacher,
President, Expedition Technology

The Holoform system enabled EXP to create collaborative work areas and private offices to accommodate their growing team, with the flexibility to reconfigure as needs evolve. The slim profile maximizes their square footage, and glass supports an airy, open aesthetic. And since they could customize (and combine) door types, finishes and hardware, they could personalize the solution to best represent their brand.

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