System Features

The Holoform system delivers a clean, European aesthetic without the expense. The system can be customized—from glass treatments to door types, color, finish and hardware—to meet unique building requirements and brand standards. And since we manufacture all of the components, we can assure the highest level of quality and uniformity across each system.

As a sole-source provider, we can also deliver a premium product without the extended lead times and additional costs of working with multiple suppliers—which is good news for budgets and timelines.

Sole-Source Provider

Holoform is the first American, sole-sourced, vertically integrated demountable wall product on the market.

Butt-Glazed Corners

This method creates larger spans of uninterrupted glass for a clean, modern aesthetic.

Up to 10’ Wall Height

Walls can be up to 10’ high to accommodate diverse facility requirements.

Recyclable Aluminum

Lightweight aluminum extruded frame components are reusable and recyclable.

Discreet Connectors

Clear acrylic glass tape is applied glass-to-glass for maximum transparency.

System Uniformity

Color and finish are compatible and consistent across system components.

Efficient Customization

Finishes can be customized per unique brand standards without extended lead times.


In horizontal, vertical or custom patterns, muntins can be added to personalize the design.


Transoms of up to 24” can be added above 8’ doors for shared light and ventilation.

Acoustic Excellence

Double-glazed systems have a 45 Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating, and ½” single-glazed systems have a 31 STC.

Fast Delivery & Staging

Holoform has facilities within 500 miles of all major metropolitan cities, enabling swift delivery and staging.

100% Reusability

Systems are non-generational (forward and backward) to support reconfiguration and re-use.

Tax Incentives

Demountable walls qualify for 100% first year tax depreciation benefits. Consult your tax advisor to learn more.

10-Year Limited Warranty

Every system is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.