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Installation Benefits2019-10-29T09:21:47-04:00

Installation Benefits

We consulted with general contractors, glaziers, and installers to design a system that anticipates and dramatically reduces installation challenges. We built in proprietary features that optimize safety, expedite assembly, and adapt to inconsistent building conditions. Our goal was to create a best-in-class installation process that can deliver premium quality and accuracy at the speed of business.

Certified Installers

Holoform’s professional product installers are comprehensively trained and certified.

Side-Load Installation

Side-loading is a safer, easier, faster way to install interior glass vs. lift and drop/set methods.

Starter Track

Systems have a starter track with pre-drilled holes to simplify and speed installation.

Internal Leveling

Built-in leveling eliminates the need for external devices and ensures accuracy with greater ease.

Site Adaptability

Systems allow for +/- ½” vertical and horizontal movement in the base to adapt to building variances.

Pre-Cut Miters

Pre-cut miters on door frames ensure fit and expedite the installation process.

Interior Channel Access

Greater access to the interior channel of the system enables effortless electrical wiring.

20-25% Faster Turnaround

Holoform’s installation efficiencies can reduce project timelines up to 25% vs. competitors.