Project Description

Transforming the traditional law office for the modern legal culture

Real estate compression and increasing square footage costs. Mobile associates and virtual collaboration. Mounting competition for both clients and talent.

These are just a few of the trends requiring law offices to reinvent how they design and use their spaces. A Holoform System provides an innovative solution to these challenges.

Delivering flexibility, acoustic performance & cost efficiencies

Holoform demountable walls can be configured for diverse programmed spaces. They offer structural stability, while allowing for re-use to accommodate changing workplace needs. The slim profile and glass construction maximize floor space, minimizing square footage costs.

Privacy is essential to attorney/client confidentiality. Holoform glass walls provides enhanced soundproofing, with sliding doors that seal securely into frame. Visual sightlines remove barriers to improve communication, while minimizing acoustic distractions.

Holoform’s elegant aesthetic evokes confidence to clients and recruits. And it encourages collaboration and community among associates. Access to natural light enhances productivity and ensures a pleasurable environment, while affording substantial energy savings.

Key product characteristics

  • Slim profile and European aesthetic in a domestic product
  • STC-tested, improved acoustic performance around doors, which seal securely into the frame
  • Maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum surfaces

Product highlights

Single-Glazed System

  • Slim profile visual integrity assured between single- and double-glazed applications
  • Use supports offices and huddle rooms requiring defined physical spaces with visual persistence

Double-Glazed System

  • Improved acoustic performance for offices and conference rooms that require enhanced privacy in proximity to public spaces

Door Frames

  • Pre-cut miters on door frames ensure installation quality


  • Butt-glazed corners support enhanced visibility and clean European aesthetic

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

  • Frameless glass doors increase transparency and make smaller spaces feel larger
  • Sliding door save space to optimize square footage
  • Choice of left or right slider door to fit application

Framed Glass Doors

  • Full vision entrance supports functionality and security
  • Lightweight door provides superior performance and durability for high traffic
  • Resists denting and provides secure attachment of hardware

Solid Core Wood Doors

  • Door density assures improved acoustic performance
  • Wood can be painted or stained to match interior design requirements
  • Sliding or swing door options; choice of left or right swing on door
  • Swing door has optional surface-mounted cam-action closer for user convenience and aesthetics

72” Locking Ladder Pulls

  • Ladder locks cleanly into the floor
  • Fully concealed deadbolt locking mechanism

72” Non-Locking Ladder Pulls

  • Design and finish of hardware complement color of system frame

Glass Feature Walls

  • Array of creative branding opportunities for glass with opaque, false-etch, and direct to glass imaging graphics