Project Description

Modernizing banks for the digital age and experience-driven customer

Financial institutions are reinventing their retail branches to meet changing customer preferences and expectations.

They’re right-sizing for less foot traffic. Integrating more technologies and self-servicing. And creating open, casual spaces that are conducive to personal conversations over formal transactions. Holoform is the flexible, sophisticated yet cost-effective choice for aiding this transformation.

Optimizing space, ensuring privacy & enhancing brand expression

Holoform demountable walls can be configured to optimize a variety of spaces. Large facilities once intended for long queues and heavy traffic can be reformatted to accommodate shared private offices, tellerless transactions, universal banking stations—even coffee bars.

Holoform glass provides enhanced soundproofing. And sliding doors seal securely into frame so customers can receive private consultations, and associates can enjoy minimal distractions. The use of glass also gives bankers more visibility to customers (and one another) to enable optimal service.

As brands strive to stand out in the highly competitive retail banking market, Holoform’s European aesthetic makes a powerful statement. The sleek profile and use of natural light create inviting, easy-to-navigate spaces that attract clientele, while improving employee productivity, recruitment and retention.

Key product characteristics

  • Slim profile and European aesthetic in a domestic product
  • STC-tested, improved acoustic performance around doors, which seal securely into the frame
  • Maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum surfaces

Product highlights

Single-Glazed System

  • Slim profile visual integrity assured between single- and double-glazed applications
  • Use supports offices and huddle rooms requiring defined physical spaces with visual persistence

Double-Glazed System

  • Improved acoustic performance for offices and conference rooms that require enhanced privacy in proximity to public spaces

Door Frames

  • Pre-cut miters on door frames ensure installation quality


  • Butt-glazed corner miters support enhanced visibility and clean European aesthetic

Framed Glass Swing Doors

  • Full vision entrance supports functionality and security
  • Lightweight door provides superior performance and durability for high traffic
  • Resists denting and provides secure attachment of hardware

Locking Door Levers

  • Design and finish of hardware complement color of system frame
  • High strength lever provides for security and easy access
  • ADA compliant

Integrated Glass Marker Boards

  • Direct integration of boards into the system supports teamwork and collaboration while preserving clean look
  • Durable opaque glass allows for regular glass cleaning without deterioration

Glass Feature Wall & Glass Graphic Treatments

  • Array of creative branding opportunities for glass with opaque, false-etch, and direct to glass imaging graphics
  • Durable direct to glass imaging allows for regular cleaning without graphic deterioration or fading
  • Depth and transparency variations of patterned and branded graphics can be created with double-glazed systems