Project Description

Creating agile, activated spaces for the new creative workforce

Agencies are downsizing and reconfiguring their spaces to meet the rise of flex, remote and extended teams. But a studio’s space is an important reflection of their creativity and scale to clients and recruits. And it’s a key driver in ongoing employee engagement and retention.

Evolving a studio for optimal functionality, brand enhancement and employee engagement is exactly what Holoform was designed to do.

Designing for flexibility, teamwork & the employee experience

Holoform demountable glass walls can be configured (and re-configured) for diverse spaces and changing workplace demands. The slim profile helps maximize existing square footage, and the sleek European style makes a sophisticated brand statement.

Holoform glass provides enhanced soundproofing, and doors seal securely into frame creating closed spaces when needed. That means meetings can take place in conference areas with physical and acoustic separation. And communal areas can be created for anything from coffee bars to meditation rooms, enhancing employee engagement without disrupting the workflow nearby.

Holoform creates open workspaces that encourage communication and development and eliminate departmental silos. And access to natural light increases productivity, creates energy efficiencies, and promotes employee wellness.

Key product characteristics

  • Slim profile and European aesthetic in a domestic product
  • STC-tested, improved acoustic performance around doors, which seal securely into the frame
  • Maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum surfaces

Product highlights

Single-Glazed System

  • Slim profile visual integrity assured between single- and double-glazed applications
  • Use supports offices and huddle rooms requiring defined physical spaces with visual persistence

Double-Glazed System

  • Improved acoustic performance for offices and conference rooms that require enhanced privacy in proximity to public spaces

Door Frames

  • Pre-cut miters on door frames ensure installation quality


  • Butt-glazed corners support enhanced visibility and clean European aesthetic


  • A transom of up to 24” can be added above an 8’ demountable wall
  • Muntins can be added to match use within system


  • Horizontal, vertical or gridded/patterned muntins can be added for a loft aesthetic and diverse designs
  • Muntins are surface applied on glass to match system profile; thickness options available for back

Frameless Glass Swing Doors

  • Frameless glass doors increase transparency and make smaller spaces feel larger
  • Glass door fittings enhance system’s European aesthetic and refinement
  • Choice of left or right swing on door to fit application

Solid Core Wood Doors

  • Door density assures improved acoustic performance
  • Wood can be painted or stained to match interior design requirements
  • Sliding or swing door options; choice of left or right swing on door
  • Swing door has optional surface-mounted cam-action closer for user convenience and aesthetics

Glass Feature Wall & Glass Graphic Treatments

  • Array of creative branding opportunities for glass with opaque, false-etch, and direct to glass imaging graphics
  • Durable direct to glass imaging allows for regular cleaning without graphic deterioration or fading
  • Depth and transparency variations of patterned and branded graphics can be created with double-glazed systems