HoloScript Glass Writable Surfaces

HoloScript is an interior architectural glass writable surface that provides brilliant writing clarity, lasting durability and a clean, sophisticated aesthetic.

HoloScript can be mounted with an invisible standoff from the wall for a slim, minimalist profile. And it can be seamlessly integrated into the Holoform demountable wall system for floor-to-ceiling presentation surfaces.


Ultra-Clear Starphire Glass

Low iron, strengthened glass offers clarity and durability; Back-painted/monolithic and laminated available.

Magnetic & Non-magnetic

Magnetic option allows for added posting and presentation ease.

Polar White Gloss Finish

Standard finish; Smooth reflective glass surface cleans without ghosting.

Polar White Matte Finish

Optional finish; Fingerprint- and scratch-resistant glass, unlike many matte products.

5 Wall-Mounted Sizes

Wall-mounted boards are 7/8” thick and come in nominal 4’x8’, 4’x6’, 4’x5’, 3’x4’ and 2’x3’ sizes.

Aluminum Marker Rail

Optional rail (up to 90”) in clear, anodized finish holds writing implements for wall-mounted HoloScript.

Installation Ease

HoloScript wall-mounted boards mount securely to the wall with aluminum cleats.

100% Made in the USA

All glass and aluminum are produced in the U.S. at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope manufacturing facilities.


Sustainability Focus

HoloScript is manufactured with 25% aluminum recycled content and utilizes low emitting materials.

Holoform System Integration

HoloScript can be incorporated into our demountable wall system; Interlayer color provides premium clarity, strength and UV resistance.

Download the HoloScript Competitive Characteristics Sheet

HoloScript PDF