Supporting Workplace Safety & Wellness

COVID-19 has required every business owner to re-examine their physical space through the lens of infection control. Creating an environment that reduces the spread of pathogens and supports the health and safety of your employees and customers is essential.

Holoform demountable glass walls can be an effective part of your infection control strategy.

Spatial distancing

Glass walls can section off open spaces to maximize real estate. And they create a physical barrier without compromising the visual communication and connectivity we rely on.

Cleaning & disinfection

Glass is non-porous, so air and liquid (e.g. respiratory droplets) cannot penetrate it. The surface can be cleaned regularly with a mild detergent, water and nonabrasive cloth.

Daylighting & wellness

Glass maximizes access to natural light which has proven health benefits, like providing Vitamin D to support immunity. And studies show it can enhance employees’ energy, morale and well-being.

The Holoform system can be configured to your unique space and reconfigured as needs evolve. Contact us for more information and distributors near you.

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