As a brand of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Holoform is committed to minimizing waste, conserving natural resources, and preserving long-term ecological balance.

Made in the USA

Holoform interior demountable walls are designed, engineered, manufactured and fabricated in the United States. By maintaining production and controlling logistics domestically, Holoform can oversee the methods and materials that go into the manufacture of our products. In addition, all Holoform demountable wall components are fabricated regionally and within 500 miles of project sites, reducing our shipping environmental impact, carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.

Sustainable by Design

The Holoform system was designed to produce minimal waste and to minimize energy consumption and its environmental impact cradle-to-grave. Holoform utilizes 25% recycled content in the extruded aluminum components that comprise the system frame, and all Holoform hardware utilizes 50% recycled content.

Holoform’s products are also 100% re-usable. Every product component is easily disassembled and reconfigurable, and maintains a non-generational (forward and backward) product design to assure 100% reusability.

No Hazardous Materials

Holoform products do not contain any hazardous materials, such as PVC, chrome, mercury or lead, VOCs, CFDs, HAPs, HCFC or other ozone depleting substances. Holoform products utilize low-emitting materials and finishes to improved IEQ within the building envelope and support healthy workspaces.